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Do you find yourself acting as the Owner and Sales Manager? Has revenue stalled or are margins shrinking? Need to take your team to the next level? We can manage your sales team for less than half of what you would pay a full-time, seasoned professional and provide them with the focused sales leadership they need.

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Each of our clients wants their sales organization to be better, but they often lack the experience, time and resources to do so. We fill that void by finding and hiring the right salespeople, building the appropriate sales infrastructure and providing a foundation for continued growth for many years.

On-Site Sales Discovery


On-site Sales Discovery is a comprehensive evaluation of 20 key sales drivers. We analyze your sales infrastructure and determine what is keeping you from achieving your sales objectives. We deliver actionable, prioritized recommendations to improve sales productivity.

Mark Thacker, Founder & President

Inspirational leader and speaker, Mark Thacker shares his methodology for taking sales teams to the next level. Implementing proven best practices from 27 years of sales and sales management experience, Mark provides you with critical insights on transforming sales teams into top-tier performers.

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Have You Conducted a Client Check-up Lately?

When you go to a doctor for a routine check-up, you might have several reasons for going, including: 1) discovering and addressing any significant changes in your physical condition; 2) keeping your doctor informed regarding any external factors that could impact your health management, and 3) collaboratively creating and implementing an appropriate continuing care plan. […]

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